Millikan Class of 1961 55th Reunion



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What have you been doing in your retirement?
What do you remember most about Millikan Class of 1961?
Write a poem or paragraph about your recollection of Millikan.

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This video was filmed on 8mm film on our Senior Day,
Millikan 1961 by Pat Breniman Herman.  Thanks Pat for the memories!  Click to play.

Senior Day Video

LB History

Los Altos – The Nations First



Los Altos Drive-In Theater


Lucky Store

El Dorado Park

El Dorado Park

Hoff’s Hut

Car Of The Day!


  1. Pat Breniman Herman

    Hi Mary,
    It is so great to hear from you! We had so much fun in GAA! Although I would like to forget all the towels, misc. I had to fold so that I could get my GAA badge! I’m so sorry to hear about Donna’s
    passing. Glad to hear that you are so blessed to have great daughters and great granddaughters!
    Keep doing the orders from your husband! heh, heh
    We’ll be taking a lot of selfies with picture frames to be placed on this site. So be prepared for a lot of laughs.
    L. Pat

  2. Mary Stearns Henry

    My favorite teachers were Mr. Neil VanStenberg, and Mr. Dibs. I also remember Scottie who was swim coach with his happy face. I remember going across the street to Thrifty for a cherry coke and playing music for a nickle. Fun to see the picture of “Luckys” grocery store as my oldest brother, Bob Taylor, was assistant manager.
    The grad nite at Disneyland was great fun. (Remember the “E”ticket rides.)
    My best friend, Donna Smith Caubarreaux passed away in November from Cancer. I would be attending if she were still here to share our memories. Say hello to Patty Brenniman and Tim Williams.
    My husband, Bill, is a 100% disabled veteran suffering from Parkinsons. On the bright side we have 3 great daughters and 4 wonderful granddaughters.
    Thanks for all your hard work in putting the reunion together, but I will not be able to attend.


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